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We offer extremly well prepared language courses for companies and private persons. We strongly focus on a broad usability of the teaching-material and also specialise in the teaching of theme-based vocabular, like technical terms or in-house terms.

If you need your customers to have language skills in certain fields of work, we can adapt our language-courses to these aims.

We can offer this support either at our office in Filderstadt or directly at your premises. We also concentrate on easy-to-use contents and adapt to the learning situation of the student. No class is wasted.


We are teaching Japanese at our premises in the Wielandstrasse once a week right now. If you are interested, just pay us a visit and have a look.


The lessons are:

Japanese for everyone: Monday, 19-20

German for Beginners: Wednesday 14-15

German for Advanced Students: Friday 17-18